It is the business practice of Linden-Grafik that every contract that is terminated by the customer, lands in court! The Linden graphics uses the possibility that there is no right of withdrawal for business customers at all. On all off our websites, we now publish this business practice from Linden-Grafik to warn customers! On this 3 days we thinkt the management spend more time in court then in the company Linden-Grafik. The ignorance of traders will be punished hard here. It is not about service! It's about money, big money.

Contracts without right of withdrawal, all come before the district court if the customer believes he has a right of termination!
Warning-Linden-Grafik, Warning-Die-Agenda

    Linden-Grafik, Die-Agenda, Ringstr. 1, 9524 Zuzwil

    Many customer relationships of the Linden-Grafik will developt to a court relations after a .termination by the customer.
    www.linden-grafik.ch, www.die-agenda.ch.

    Three days of exploitation of customers as sources of money after termination of the contract by the customer!

    First day 09.26.2014 our arbitration hearing before the District Court of Wil. There will be a minimum of 3 arbitration proceedings take place with customers who have canceled there contracts.
    All 3 customers will lose your money!

    Second day 10.03.2015 Linden graphics has at least 2 arbitration proceedings in front of the District Court revoked by Wil to customer contract.
    Both clients will lose your money!

    Third Day 11.3.15 Court hearing Linden graphics against Hoffmann watches & jewelery Brünigstr. 140 Sarnen. The seller of the company Linden graphics came unsolicited in our business and we have signed wrongly!

    The contract dated 09.04.2014 was terminated on 05/09/2014 and the dismissal was not accepted, as in all other cases by the Linden-Lindengrafik!
    From a customer relationship was developed a court relationship!

    As a businessman, there is only one way to protect themselves from the court relationship if one is uncertain! Check with Google about this company!

    Court ruling in our case court decision from 03.11.2015 case VV.2014.112-WI2ZE-DJO.
    Congratulations to the Linden-Grafik that a court relationship could even more money recycling for this company.

Start citation

Court-Judgment VV.2014.112-WI2ZE-DJO


The defendant is obliged to pay the applicant, together with Fr. 7698.30 5% interest since 24.07.2014!


The judicial costs of CHF 1760.00 (Standard-rate arbitration procedure Fr. 300, decision fee Fr. 1200.00, witness expenses Fr. 260.00) may be imposed on the defendant. The consideration paid by the applicant cost-advance CHF 1500.00 will be charged. The applicant is granted the right to recourse to the defendant for the sum of CHF 1500. The remaining amount of CHF 260.00 will be paid directly by the defendant.
If demanded an explanation of this decision, the decision shall be increased to CHF 1800.00. In this case, a balance of Fr. 860.00 is obtained from the defendant. The right of recourse of Kägerin remains unchanged.


The defendant shall pay to the applicant for the party costs with Fr. 2035.25 (incl. CHF 150.75 VAT).

The Judge
End citation

That makes: 11507.25 CHF for a signature! The applicant was forbidden on pain of criminal charges, to publish the advert! With a company wants of your customers only money we want to have nothing to do! Legislation in Switzerland stipulates that those who have signed have no right of withdrawal! The company Linden graphics attracts definitely to court where a customer believes he has right of withdrawal! There are many cases how the 3 days that were cited here see!

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